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Sage background 5e

In the DnD 5e sage background, you have spent many years learning the knowledge of the multiverse. You’ve searched for manuscripts, researched books, and listed top experts on certain topics that interest you. Thanks to your efforts, you are a master in all areas of your studies.

Skill Proficiencies: Mystery and History
Language: Two languages of your choice
Equipment: A quill pen, a small, a bottle of black ink, a 10 gp belt bag, a knife, a letter from a dead colleague asking questions you haven’t answered yet, and a set of ordinary clothes.


You can choose from the options in the table below to determine the nature of your academic training, otherwise, you can roll D8.

3Discredited academic
7Wizard’s apprentice

Salient Features: Researcher

You usually prefer to know where and from whom you can get information. As long as you don’t know or know about that particular information, you will try to learn or recall that knowledge.

This information usually comes from other learned creatures or people, any library, lecture hall, university.

In d&d 5e, your DM may rule the knowledge you seek, which is hidden in places that are almost inaccessible or not found at all.

Discover the deepest secrets of a multiverse that requires adventure or even entire battles.

Suggested Characteristics

Dnd 5e sage background defined by their years of research, and their personalities reflect this period of study and life.

The sage devoted to academic research values the value of knowledge—sometimes represented by a certain knowledge itself, and sometimes other ideals guided by that intelligence.

Personality traits 5e

D8Personality Traits
1I use polysyllabic words to express erudite impressions.
2I have read every book in the world’s largest library, or I like to boast about books I own.
3I am used to helping those who are not as smart as I am and I patiently explain anything to others.
4My favorite thing is a mysterious thing.
5Before making my own judgment, I would like to listen to all aspects of the debate.
6I…. speak. . . slowly. . . When speaking. . . To idiots. . . which one . . . almost. . . everyone. . . Yes. . . Compare. . . to me.
7I’m terrible and awkward in social situations.
8I firmly believe that people are always trying to steal my secrets.


1Knowledge: The way to power and self-improvement is through knowledge. (neutral)
2Beauty: Beauty means that we transcend reality. (Good)
3Logic: Emotions must not cover our logical thinking. (that’s nice)
4Unlimited: Nothing should bind the infinite possibilities inherent in all beings. (chaotic)
5Power: Knowledge is the way to power and rule. (evil)
6Self-improvement: The goal of learning life is self-improvement. (any)


1My commitment to information is easily distracting.
2Most people scream and run away when they see a demon. I stopped and took note of its anatomy.
3Uncovering an ancient mystery is worth the price of civilization.
4I overlooked obvious solutions that support complex solutions.
5I don’t really think about my words when I speak, I always insult others.
6I can’t protect my life or the lives of others.


1Protecting students is my responsibility.
2I have an ancient text that contains some terrible secrets that must never fall into the wrong hands.
3I am committed to protecting libraries, universities, lecture halls, or monasteries.
4My life’s work is a series of topics related to specific areas of knowledge.
5I’ve been searching for the answer to a question all my life.
6I sell my soul for knowledge. I want to do something big and win it back.

the salient character of the d&d 5e sage background is a scholar, you have to deal with the features, act like keep in touch with other scholars around the world via mail, etc.

They have been talking about their research and trading information. So they have a good understanding of the work of several others. However, which does not mean that each one has answers.

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