Usually, the DnD 5e backgrounds will give you important story clues about your character’s identity, and character background. Which can reveal how you became an adventurer in dnd, where you came from, what the languages of your, what are the Personal Characteristics of you, the ideals, bonds, and flaws of each role.

In addition to race and occupation, a character can have more complementary descriptions. As unique individuals, their own stories, interests, connections, and abilities can be defined by other elements.

In the following talking about dnd 5e backgrounds, we will explore the character detail that distinguishes each character from others, including name and physical characteristics, background and language rules, and personality.

DnD 5e Backgrounds

What are Backgrounds in DND?

There are so many backgrounds in DND 5e. They are mainly divided into two categories, the dnd background 5e, and dnd background homebrew.

Check out the following dnd 5e backgrounds list, if you want to learn more about them.

DnD 5e backgrounds

Every story has a beginning.

The background item of the character explains its origin, how to become an adventurer, and its place in the world.

Your warrior may have been a brave knight or a crying soldier. Your mage may have been a sage or a craftsman. Your wanderer may have been a guild thief or a court jester who confuses the public.

Choosing a background gives you important story tips about the character’s identity.

The key question in the 5e backgrounds is:

  • What has changed?
  • For what reason did you give up the life described in the background and start the adventure?
  • How do you get your starting gear?
  • Or, if you were ever rich, why didn’t you have more money?
  • How do you learn your current career skills?
  • What makes you different from ordinary people in your hometown?

The following dnd 5e backgrounds list provides specific benefits, covers the features, proficiency, and language, as well as suggestions for role-playing.

Let’s dive into the details of the Proficiencies, Languages, Equipment, Suggested Characteristics, and Customizing a Background of dnd backgrounds.

The Proficiencies

Generally, two skills are given to each dnd background.


Each attribute covers a wide range of abilities, including skills that a character or monster can master. Each skill represents a particular performance of an attribute in a certain aspect, while the skill proficiency reflects the character’s focus on this aspect.

The character’s starting skill is determined when the character is created, and the monster’s skill is described in its attribute data.

For example, an agile check may represent a character’s ability to attempt gymnastic stunts, hide an object, or hide. All three agile-related activities have corresponding skills, namely gymnastics, cleverness, and concealment.

As a result, characters with concealed skills are particularly good at making agile checks related to hiding.

Dnd 5e skills mainly cover 5 related skills. The skills related to each attribute value are listed below, and application examples using each skill are listed in the subsequent attribute value descriptions.

  • Strength: Athletics
  • Intelligence: Arcana, Investigation, Nature, Religion, History
  • Dexterity: Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics
  • Charisma: Performance, Deception, Intimidation, Persuasion
  • Wisdom: Insight, Animal Handling, Medicine, Survival, Perception


In addition, most backgrounds give character proficiency in one or more tools.

Tools can help you accomplish things that are usually difficult to achieve, such as making or repairing items, forging instruments, prying locks, etc.

Race, profession, background, and expertise may give you proficiency in certain tools, and whenever you use a tool that already has a proficiency to perform an attribute check, you can add the current proficiency bonus to the corresponding check result.

The use of a tool is not tied to a single attribute value, because the skilled intent of the tool is to know its extensive use.

For example, the DM may require you to make an agile check when you use the woodcarving tool to sculpt details, and when you sculpt hardwood, you may be required to make a power check.

If a character gets the same proficiency in two different ways, the character can choose to replace it with a different proficiency of the same kind (skill or tool).

Artisan’s tools
Alchemist’s supplies50 gp8 lb.
Brewer’s supplies20 gp9 lb.
Calligrapher’s supplies10 gp5 lb.
Carpenter’s tools8 gp6 lb.
Cartographer’s tools15 gp6 lb.
Cobbler’s tools5 gp5 lb.
Cook’s utensils1 gp8 lb.
Glassblower’s tools30 gp5 lb.
Jeweler’s tools25 gp2 lb.
Leatherworker’s tools5 gp5 lb.
Mason’s tools10 gp8 lb.
Painter’s supplies10 gp5 lb.
Potter’s tools10 gp3 lb.
Smith’s tools20 gp8 lb.
Tinker’s tools50 gp10 lb.
Weaver’s tools1 gp5 lb.
Woodcarver’s tools1 gp5 lb.
Disguise kit25 gp3 lb.
Forgery kit15 gp5 lb.
Gaming set
Dice set1 sp
Playing card set5 sp
Herbalism kit5 gp3 lb.
Musical instrument
Bagpipes30 gp6 lb.
Drum6 gp3 lb.
Dulcimer25 gp10 lb.
Flute2 gp1 lb.
Lute35 gp2 lb.
Lyre30 gp2 lb.
Horn3 gp2 lb.
Pan flute12 gp2 lb.
Shawm2 gp1 lb.
Viola30 gp1 lb.
Navigator’s tools25 gp2 lb.
Poisoner’s kit50 gp2 lb.
Thieves’ tools25 gp1 lb.
Vehicles (land or water)[1][2]


In general, the character’s race also defaults to the language he or she knows, and the background item allows the character to master more additional languages.

These mastered languages should be recorded on the corresponding character cards.

Choose your language from the table Standard Languages, or choose one of the languages commonly used in your campaign.

With DM permission, you can also choose a language from the form Exotic Language or choose a secret language (such as Rogue or Druid) instead of a language of your choice.

5e Standard Languages

LanguageScriptTypical Speakers
GiantDwarvishOgres, Giants
Dnd Gnomish Language 5eDwarvishGnomes

These language categories actually contain many dialects of the same language. For example, Primordial includes several dialects, including Auran, Aquan, Ignan, and Terran.

5e Exotic Languages

LanguageScriptTypical Speakers
DraconicDraconicDragons, dragonborn
Deep SpeechNoneMind flayers, beholders
UndercommonElvishUnderdark traders

Each dialect corresponds to one of the four elemental planes. Creatures who speak different dialects of the same language can still communicate with each other.


In dnd 5e, each background provides a starting equipment.

If you choose to purchase equipment with currency using optional rules, you will not be able to obtain starting equipment from background items at the same time.

Suggested Characteristics

The description of each dnd background item contains suggestions for personal characteristics based on the background.

You can choose their own features, or roll the dice to determine randomly, or even create a character feature by referring to the suggestions.

Customizing a Background

You may want to change some of the characteristics in the background to make it better suited to the character or campaign setting.

When customizing the background, you can replace its background characteristics with other characteristics. You can also choose two skills from the same background example, and select a total of two tool proficiency or language items for similar replacement operations.

You can directly use the equipment items given in the background or use the currency to make purchases according to the above dnd 5e tools list, but you can’t get your professional starting equipment at the same time when you use the currency to buy.

In the end, you can choose between two characteristics, one ideal, one stumbling block, and one disadvantage. When you can’t find a feature that meets the background requirements, you can also discuss with your DM to create one.

Official DnD 5e Backgrounds list

Official DnD 5e Backgrounds

Mastering the Proficiencies, Languages, Equipment, Suggested Characteristics and Customizing a Background of each dnd 5e backgrounds will help improve the experience and fun of the game.

Check out the official DnD 5e Backgrounds list as the following table.

Tika and Artemis 5e Acolyte 5eCharlatan 5e
Criminal 5e Entertainer background 5eFolk hero 5e
Guild Artisan 5eHermit 5eNoble 5e
Outlander 5eSage 5e Sailor 5e
Soldier 5e Urchin 5e

DnD 5e Spells List

I collected a DnD 5e spells list here for reference.

Of course, you can check out DnD 5e spell details from the following dnd 5e guide books. I strongly recommend you also get a copy of these guide books for reference, they will improve your experience of the game.

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NameLevelSchoolCast TimeRitualConcentration
Acid Splash0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Zephyr Strike1Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Hex 5e1Enchantment1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Toll the Dead0Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Wrathful Smite1Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Zone of Truth2Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting8Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Absorb Elements1AbjurationSpecialNoNo
Aganazzar's Scorcher2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Aid2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Alarm (Ritual)1Abjuration1 MinuteYesNo
Alter Self
2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Animal friendship1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Animal Messenger (Ritual)2Enchantment1 ActionYesNo
Animal Shapes8Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Animate Dead 5e3Necromancy1 MinuteNoNo
Animate Objects5Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Antilife Shell5Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Antimagic Field8Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Antipathy/Sympathy8Enchantment1 HourNoNo
Arcane Eye4Divination1 ActionNoYes
Arcane Gate6Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Arcane Lock2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Armor of Agathys1Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Arms of Hadar1Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Astral Projection9Necromancy1 HourNoNo
Augury (Ritual)2Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Aura of Life4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Aura of Purity4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Aura of Vitality3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Awaken5Transmutation8 HoursNoNo
Bane1Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Banishing Smite5Abjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Banishment4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Barkskin2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Beacon of Hope3Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Beast Bond1Divination1 ActionNoYes
Beast Sense (Ritual)2Divination1 ActionYesYes
Bestow Curse3Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Bigby's Hand5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Blade Barrier6Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Blade Ward0Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Bless1Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Blight4Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Blinding Smite3Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Blindness/Deafness2Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Blink3Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Blur2Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Bones of the Earth6Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Booming Blade0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Branding Smite2Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Burning Hands1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Call Lightning3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Calm Emotions2Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Catapult1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Catnap3Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Cause Fear1Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Ceremony (Ritual)1Abjuration1 HourYesNo
Chain Lightning6Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Chaos Bolt1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Charm Monster4Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Charm Person1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Chill Touch0Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Chromatic Orb1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Circle of Death6Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Circle of Power5Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Clairvoyance3Divination10 MinutesNoYes
Clone8Necromancy1 HourNoNo
Cloud of Daggers2Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Cloudkill5Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Color Spray1Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Command1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Commune (Ritual)5Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Commune with Nature (Ritual)5Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Compelled Duel1Enchantment1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Comprehend Languages (Ritual)1Divination1 ActionYesNo
Compulsion4Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Cone of Cold5Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Confusion4Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Conjure Animals3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Conjure Barrage3Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Conjure Celestial7Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Elemental5Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Fey6Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Minor Elementals4Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Volley5Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Conjure Woodland Beings4Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Contact Other Plane (Ritual)5Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Contagion5Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Contingency6Evocation10 MinutesNoNo
Continual Flame2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Control Flames0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Control Water4Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Control Weather8Transmutation10 MinutesNoYes
Control Winds5Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Cordon of Arrows2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Create Bonfire0Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Create Food and Water3Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Create Homunculus6Transmutation1 HourNoNo
Create or Destroy Water1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Create Undead6Necromancy1 MinuteNoNo
Creation5Illusion1 MinuteNoNo
Crown of Madness2Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Crown of Stars7Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Crusader's Mantle3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Cure Wounds1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Dancing Lights0Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Danse Macabre5Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Darkness2Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Darkvision2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Dawn5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Daylight3Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Death Ward4Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Delayed Blast Fireball7Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Demiplane8Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Destructive Wave5Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Detect Evil and Good1Divination1 ActionNoYes
Detect Magic (Ritual)1Divination1 ActionYesYes
Detect Poison and Disease (Ritual)1Divination1 ActionYesYes
Detect Thoughts2Divination1 ActionNoYes
Dimension Door4Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Disguise Self1Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Disintegrate6Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Dispel Evil and Good5Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Dispel Magic3Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Dissonant Whispers1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Divination (Ritual)4Divination1 ActionYesNo
Divine Favor1Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Divine Word7Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Dominate Beast4Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Dominate Monster8Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Dominate Person5Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Dragon's Breath2Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Drawmij's Instant Summons (Ritual)6Conjuration1 MinuteYesNo
Dream5Illusion1 MinuteNoNo
Druid Grove6Abjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Druidcraft0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Dust Devil2Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Earth Tremor1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Earthbind2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Earthquake8Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Eldritch Blast0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Elemental Bane4Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Elemental Weapon3Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Enemies abound3Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Enervation5Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Enhance Ability2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Enlarge/Reduce2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Ensnaring Strike1Conjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Entangle1Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Enthrall2Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Erupting Earth3Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Etherealness7Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Evard's Black Tentacles4Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Expeditious Retreat1Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Eyebite6Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Fabricate4Transmutation10 MinutesNoNo
Faerie Fire1Evocation1 ActionNoYes
False Life1Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Far Step5Conjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Fear3Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Feather Fall1TransmutationSpecialNoNo
Feeblemind8Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Feign Death (Ritual)3Necromancy1 ActionYesNo
Find Familiar (Ritual)1Conjuration1 HourYesNo
Find Greater Steed4Conjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Find Steed2Conjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Find the Path6Divination1 MinuteNoYes
Find Traps2Divination1 ActionNoNo
Finger of Death7Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Fire Bolt0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Fire Shield4Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Fire Storm7Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Fireball3Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Flame Arrows3Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Flame Blade2Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Flame Strike5Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Flaming Sphere2Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Flesh to Stone6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Fly3Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Fog Cloud1Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Forbiddance (Ritual)6Abjuration10 MinutesYesNo
Forcecage7Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Foresight9Divination1 MinuteNoNo
Freedom of Movement4Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Friends0Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Frostbite0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Gaseous Form3Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Gate9Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Geas5Enchantment1 MinuteNoNo
Gentle Repose (Ritual)2Necromancy1 ActionYesNo
Giant Insect4Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Glibness8Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Globe of Invulnerability6Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Glyph of Warding3Abjuration1 HourNoNo
Goodberry1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Grasping Vine4Conjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Grease1Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Greater Invisibility4Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Greater Restoration5Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Green-Flame Blade0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Guardian of Faith 5e4Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Guardian of Nature4Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Guards and Wards6Abjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Guidance0Divination1 ActionNoYes
Guiding Bolt1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Gust0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Gust of Wind2Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Hail of Thorns1Conjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Hallow 5e5Evocation24 HoursNoNo
Hallucinatory Terrain4Illusion10 MinutesNoNo
Harm6Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Haste 5e3Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Heal6Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Healing Spirit2Conjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Healing Word1Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Heat Metal2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Hellish Rebuke1EvocationSpecialNoNo
Heroes¡¯ Feast6Conjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Heroism1Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Hold Monster5Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Hold Person2Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Holy Aura8Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Holy Weapon5Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Hunger of Hadar3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Hunter's MarkHunger of Hadar1Divination1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Hypnotic Pattern3Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Ice Knife1Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Ice Storm4Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Identify (Ritual)1Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Illusory Dragon8Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Illusory Script (Ritual)/a>1Illusion1 MinuteYesNo
Immolation5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Imprisonment9Abjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Incendiary Cloud8Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Infernal Calling5Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Infestation0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Inflict Wounds1Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Insect Plague5Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Investiture of Flame6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Investiture of Ice6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Investiture of Stone6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Investiture of Wind6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Invisibility2Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Invulnerability9Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Jump1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Knock2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Legend Lore5Divination10 MinutesNoNo
Leomund’s Secret Chest4Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Leomund's Tiny Hut (Ritual)3Evocation1 MinuteYesNo
Lesser Restoration2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Levitate2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Life Transference3Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Light0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Lightning Arrow3Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Lightning Bolt3Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Lightning Lure0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Locate Animals or Plants (Ritual)2Divination1 ActionYesNo
Locate Creature4Divination1 ActionNoYes
Locate Object2Divination1 ActionNoYes
Longstrider1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Maddening Darkness8Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Maelstrom5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Mage Armor1Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Mage Hand0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Magic Circle3Abjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Magic Jar6Necromancy1 MinuteNoNo
Magic Missile1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Magic Mouth (Ritual)2Illusion1 MinuteYesNo
Magic Stone0Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Magic Weapon2Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Major Image3Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Mass Cure Wounds5Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Mass Heal9Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Mass Healing Word3Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Mass Polymorph9Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Mass Suggestion6Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Maximilian's Earthen Grasp2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Maze8Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Meld into Stone3Transmutation1 ActionYesNo
Melf’s Acid Arrow2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Melf's Minute Meteors3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Mending0Transmutation1 MinuteNoNo
Mental Prison6Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Message0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Meteor Swarm9Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Mighty Fortress8Conjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Mind Blank8Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Mind Spike2Divination1 ActionNoYes
Minor Illusion0Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Mirage Arcane7Illusion10 MinutesNoNo
Mirror Image2Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Mislead5Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Misty Step2Conjuration1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Modify Memory5Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Mold earth0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Moonbeam2Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound4Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion7Conjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum4Abjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Mordenkainen’s Sword7Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Move Earth6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
NameLevel School Casting time Ritual Concentration
Negative Energy Flood5Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Nondetection3Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Nystul’s Magic Aura2Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere6Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere4Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Otto’s Irresistible Dance6Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Pass Without Trace2Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Passwall5Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Phantasmal Force2Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Phantasmal Killer4Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Phantom Steed (Ritual)3Illusion1 MinuteYesNo
Planar Ally6Conjuration10 MinutesNoNo
Planar Binding5Abjuration1 HourNoNo
Plane Shift7Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Plant Growth3TransmutationSpecialNoNo
Poison Spray0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Polymorph4Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Power Word Heal9Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Power Word Kill9Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Power Word Pain7Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Power Word Stun8Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Prayer of Healing2Evocation10 MinutesNoNo
Prestidigitation0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Primal Savagery0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Primordial Ward6Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Primordial Ward6Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Prismatic Spray7Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Prismatic Wall9Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Produce Flame0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Programmed Illusion6Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Project Image7Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Protection from Energy3Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Protection from Evil and Good1Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Protection from Poison2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Psychic Scream9Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Purify Food and Drink (Ritual)1Transmutation1 ActionYesNo
Pyrotechnics2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Raise Dead5Necromancy1 HourNoNo
Rary's Telepathic Bond (Ritual)5Divination1 ActionYesNo
Ray of Enfeeblement2Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Ray of Frost0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Ray of Sickness1Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Regenerate7Transmutation1 MinuteNoNo
Reincarnate5Transmutation1 HourNoNo
Remove Curse3Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Resistance0Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Resurrection7Necromancy1 HourNoNo
Reverse Gravity7Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Revivify3Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Rope Trick2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Sacred Flame0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Sanctuary1Abjuration1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Scatter6Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Scorching Ray2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Scrying5Divination10 MinutesNoYes
Searing Smite1Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
See invisibility2Divination1 ActionNoNo
Seeming5Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Sending3Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Sequester7Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Shadow Blade2Illusion1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Shadow of Moil4Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Shape Water0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Shapechange9Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Shatter2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Shield of Faith1Abjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Shillelagh0Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Shocking Grasp0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Sickening Radiance4Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Silence (Ritual)2Illusion1 ActionYesYes
Silent Image1Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Simulacrum7Illusion12 HoursNoNo
Skill Empowerment5Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Skywrite (Ritual)2Transmutation1 ActionYesYes
Sleep1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Sleet Storm3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Slow3Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Snare1Abjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Snilloc's Snowball Swarm2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Soul Cage6NecromancySpecialNoNo
Spare the Dying0Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Speak with Animals (Ritual)1Divination1 ActionYesNo
Speak with Dead3Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Speak with Plants3Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Spider Climb2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Spike Growth2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Spirit Guardians3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Spiritual Weapon2Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoNo
Staggering Smite4Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Steel Wind Strike5Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Stinking Cloud3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Stone Shape4Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Stoneskin4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Storm of Vengeance9Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Storm Sphere4Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Suggestion2Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Summon Greater Demon4Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Summon Lesser Demons3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Sunbeam6Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Sunburst8Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Swift Quiver5Transmutation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Sword Burst0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Symbol7Abjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Synaptic Static5Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Tasha's Hideous Laughter1Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Telekinesis5Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Telepathy8Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Teleport7Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Teleportation Circle5Conjuration1 MinuteNoNo
Temple of the Gods7Conjuration1 HourNoNo
Tenser's Floating Disk (Ritual)1Conjuration1 ActionYesNo
Tenser's Transformation6Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Thaumaturgy0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Thorn Whip0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Thunder Step3Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Thunderclap0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Thunderous Smite1Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Thunderwave1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Tidal Wave3Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Time Stop9Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Tiny Servant3Transmutation1 MinuteNoNo
Tongues3Divination1 ActionNoNo
Transmute Rock5Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Transport via Plants6Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Trap the Soul8Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Tree Stride5Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
True Polymorph9Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
True Resurrection9Necromancy1 HourNoNo
True Seeing6Divination1 ActionNoNo
True Strike0Divination1 ActionNoYes
Tsunami8Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Unseen Servant (Ritual)1Conjuration1 ActionYesNo
Vampiric Touch3Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Vicious Mockery0Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Vitriolic Sphere4Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Wall of Fire4Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Force5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Ice6Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Light5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Sand3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Stone5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Thorns6Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Wall of Water3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Warding Bond2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Warding Wind2Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Water Breathing (Ritual)3Transmutation1 ActionYesNo
Water Walk (Ritual)3Transmutation1 ActionYesNo
Watery Sphere4Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Web2Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Weird9Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Whirlwind7Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wind Walk6Transmutation1 MinuteNoNo
Wind Wall3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Wish9Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Witch Bolt1Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Word of Radiance0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Word of Recall6Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Wrath of Nature5Evocation1 ActionNoYes